Episode 29: Final Destination Franchise

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In This Episode:

In the early days of the podcast Allen & Chris had a go at this franchise. However due to technical issues it was lost. So to celebrate our anniversary we sat down and gave it another go.

There are broadly two ways a Diminishing Returns ‘Franchise’ Episode pans out:

1) we watch something so ill conceived and badly executed it brings out anger, incredulity and off topic rants.

2) we watch something we genuinely enjoy and we talk excitedly about why we love it.

This is definitely the second type of episode. Seriously, Chris loves these films.

We talk, Death, Tony Todd, X-Files Connections, Stifler, ‘The Final’ instalments of franchises, Rube Goldberg Murder Machines, Sensitive kids and more!

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How did we do? Did we miss something, get something wrong or is there a franchise you’d like us to cover? Let us know. Comment below or email diminishingpod@gmail.com


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