Episode 28: Midnight Engagments

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In This Episode:


In between ‘proper’ episodes (where we delve into a particular film or franchise) we’ll be doing bonus episodes where we talk about wider trends in sequel culture, sequel news, new trailers and whatever the hell we like.

As we celebrate the podcast’s first birthday we look at what did we got right and what did we got wrong in our previous years’ Trailer Talks?
Chris unveils a new detective duo, Allen becomes a serious challenger to the man of a thousand voices, a potential Lovers Rock album project.
We also talk sequels that should have been made, but haven’t been.
And, due to Allen’s work keeping him out of the country, we an out of time Trailer Talk



Bambi 2

Thanks to the Spocklight Podcast for their suggestion to have a look at this belated Disney midquel.

French Connection 2


The Dead Pool

Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol


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Grand Opening of David Hamilton Gallery

How did we do? Did we miss something, get something wrong or is there a franchise you’d like us to cover? Let us know. Comment below or email diminishingpod@gmail.com


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