Episode 22: Mid-Afternoon of the Creeps

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In this episode:

Chris and Allen discuss various directors and their hokey cokey approach to projects. They’re in, they’re out, they’re shaking it all about. There’s also some Last Jedi cast news, some unlikely comebacks and, after seeing Kong: Skull Island, Chris may be starting a new game of pin the dong on the Kong!

We also muse on the passing of Bill Paxton, a real talent that we will sorely miss. Then Allen get a little creepy as talk moves to the upcoming Wonder Woman.

Trailer Talk:

Wonder Woman

WW Shield

Finally DC look like they finally have a movie that has the right balance of action, laughs and spectacle to challenge Marvel for some solid summer box office. Gal Gadot looks like a great fit for the role and the World War I setting looks like an interesting backdrop to proceedings.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


The wind has surely gone from the sails of this franchise. With Johnny Depp’s personal issues clouding our judgment a little. The most notable take away from the trailer is that the movie is taking a little detour into the Uncanny Valley with a de-aged Cpt. Jack Sparrow.

Power Rangers

A TV to Cinema reboot for a perennial kids show. But with Allen recounting that even his seven year old son has outgrown Power Rangers who is this franchise for? Still it looks slick and well put together, just not for us.

Despicable Me 3

One awkward party aside Chris has no connection to this franchise. Allen, however, is a fan. The first two Despicable Me movies are for kids but more than work for grown ups. The Minions spin-off was a blip that invested too much in the army of little, yellow, hench men and their life before joining forces with Gru.


So hopefully this third outing will right the ship. As Steve Carell returns as the reformed super villan Gru, now reassessing his career change in the wake of a professional embarrassment after failing to take down an 80’s inspired criminal.



With NPR launching the #trypod initiative, to try and encourage new listeners for podcasts as a whole Chris and Allen thought they’d recommend some of their favourite listens.

We’d also encourage you to recommend Diminishing Returns to as many people as possible. As we always say we’re 100% self funded and independent and rely on support from listeners to spread the word. Rating, reviewing and sharing really does make a difference for podcasts, whether scrappy little outsiders like us or smash hits like Serial.

So why not try out The Hashtag Show, The Black Tapes, The Football Ramble, The Dana Gould Hour and The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast as recommended by Chris.

Or I Was There Too, The Faculty of Horror, Doug Loves Movies, The Parapod or Maltin on Movies which are favourites of Allen.

All clips in the episode are used under Fair Use for the purposes of criticism and are not intended to diminish the original works or limit the ability of the copyright owners to market or sell their product.



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