Episode 17: Everybody Loves Boobs!

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In This Episode:

It’s another bonus episode in which Chris and Allen give a round up of sequel news and some upcoming trailers. Hear Chris and Allen run, in slo-mo, at diverse topics like why is J.J. Abrams giving up on remakes? What is Larry Wilcox’ problem? Is Ridley Scott just trying to fuck with us? and when did the wheels come off the whole Tim Burton thing?


Go see this movie, make it a huge hit. Then hopefully the sequel will be based on Baywatch Nights, when The Hoff was a life guard by day and PI by night- one that fought Aliens and weird beasts!


Also. Rock please start a singing career.



Hopefully in the wake of Deadpool everyone agrees it’s okay to make superhero movies directly for grown ups.

Cars 3:


You’ve got to admit, based on this trailer, there are heavy parallels to Rocky IV.

Alien Covenant:

FUCK YOU! Ridley Scott.

All clips in the episode are used under Fair Use for the purposes of criticism and are not intended to diminish the original works or limit the ability of the copyright owners to market or sell their product.

Hey John Peters!

They’ve already ruined Caddyshack, go put your mechanical spider somewhere else!

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