Episode 16: Footloose(s)

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In this Episode:

Chris and Allen compare the 1984 and 2011 versions of Footloose. Where kids try to overturn the outrageous and ludicrous ban on dancing in their town. They discover along the way that it’s based on a real town, the soundtrack is amazing and Chris is really going through something here.

The Movies:

Footloose (1984):

Footloose (2011):

In both films big city kid Ren McCormack (Kevin Bacon and then Kenny Wormald) moves to a small rural, God fearing, town where community leaders have banned public dancing in the wake of a local tragedy.

It’s funny that simply because Ren likes to dance, has read Vonnegut and comes from the city marks him out as agitator in the town. When in actuality he’s a stand up guy who set about getting a job as soon as he could and actively tries to avoid trouble. Small towns small minds I guess.


For such lightweight and teen-centric movies about dancing and filled with bright, uptempo, pop hits the underlying theme is grief and how people deal with it. From Ariel’s (Lone Skye and Julian Hough) self destruction to her father Rev. Shaw Moore (John Lithgow and Dennis Quaid) beginning to lose control in his home life, and community as the come to terms with the loss of a brother and son, respectively.

Alongside the pop songs and dance numbers there is plenty happening. The darkside of a rampant moral majority, domestic violence and vehicular games of chicken. The tractor showdown in the original does out shine the ‘stock car’ bus fight in the remake.


A Hotwheels version of Ren’s car.

Both movies have great casts and plenty to recommend them. The world didn’t really need a Footloose remake, it already had a successful stage version produced. They both have flaws, but which ever you choose it will get you where you’re going in a classic scrappy gang of underdogs fighting the powers that be tale.


All clips in the episode are used under Fair Use for the purposes of criticism and are not intended to diminish the original works or limit the ability of the copyright owners to market or sell their product.

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