Episode 13: Keanu Adventures in Hi-Fi

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In This Episode:

It’s another bonus helping of Diminishing Returns. In between our franchise discussions we like to fill you in on the goings on in the world of sequels, prequels and reboots.

There is some chat about a Doomsday sequel that never was, nepotism in Hollywood remakes, Chloe Grace Moretz’ horror remake regularity and we highlight the diversity in the Fast & the Furious cast, which some see as being instrumental in its box office success.

Allen also drops a giant nerd clanger as his tiny, overstretched, brain mistakenly puts Stallone in, what must be, Arnie’s most iconic role. How could that happen? Maybe having just talked about a Sly-less Rambo 5 he got mixed up. Or maybe he was just replaying Last Action Hero in his head. Or, as Chris took great delight in pointing out, he is just a total fud!


Trailer Talk:


The makers of John Wick Chapter 2 promise more of everything you liked in first one, in this bullet ridden sequel. Keanu Reeves returns as the eponymous hitman having trouble leaving his old life behind. This is a pretty slick looking trailer that doesn’t skimp on action. Who could ask for more? Well for those that do want more, this outing has added Ian McShane and Laurence Fishburn to proceedings. BOOM! Our love of this franchise spills over into a bit of a Keanu love in, there isn’t another star we can think of that’s been is so many great movies but is sneered at by so many film critics.

There are concerning issues over white washing and representation in Scarlet Johansson’s upcoming Ghost in the Shell. A live action remake of the 90’s animated Manga classic.


As Chris and Allen are both white Cis men we understand that we are looking at the subject from a position of privilege, so we urge everyone to listen to the Ghost in the Shell episode of the Imaginary Worlds podcast. That episode takes an in depth look at the subject, and makes for an enlightening listen. We should focus on positives and here we  have a big budget, summer blockbuster with a female star. So it could be a case of one battle at a time for a racist, sexist Hollywood.

Beyond these big issues the film looks spectacular, with well constructed action set pieces and beautiful production design. There are also a few nice moments recreated from the original.


Allen is hoping that this movie does well and inspires more Manga remakes, including the ever elusive Akira, and that it can also be a good omen for the upcoming Blade Runner sequel.


About to be released under the slightly misleading title of T2: Trainspotting, Danny Boyle’s long awaited follow up to Trainspotting (1996), of course, should not to be confused with T2: Terminator Judgement Day (there have been one too many gaffs in the episode regarding this movie).


The original was an iconic and culturally defining film for Britain deep in the Britpop era. Stacked with a cast of soon to be superstars, the original cast have been rounded up to reprise their roles, most notably Ewan McGregor who had reportedly fallen out with director Boyle after passing him over in favour of Leonardo DiCaprio for the lead role in The Beach(2000). Without a zeitgeist to be part of will the expectation alone be enough to make this a, long over due, hit?

Talking ‘Bout Trailers:

We have a new segment, which is totally unique and not like anything we’ve done before – ah hem! Allen and Chris break down the format of trailers today and talk about the aspects that they miss from trailers of yore. From specially shot footage and the Inception “clang” to YouTube ads and things in the trailer that don’t make the final cut of the movie they’re selling.


Chris picked out The War on Everyone and Dr. Strange, but only because he was hoping to see Jack Reacher: Never Go Back and we know how that panned out.

Allen wanted to apologize for giving Logan Marshall Green a scathing review, for his performance in Prometheus, so selected The Invitation in which he gives a great turn.

And of course Lake Bell’s wonderful movie, In A World, is a must watch for anyone enthralled with trailers and voiceovers.

Coming Soon:

Just in time for the holiday season we take a long hard look at the sequel to, probably the greatest Christmas movie of all time, Die Hard. The fifth film in the series sees Bruce Willis return, as Detective John McClane, to fight (eh?) Moscow in A Good Day to Die Hard.

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All clips in the episode are used under Fair Use for the purposes of criticism and are not intended to diminish the original works or limit the ability of the copyright owners to market or sell their product.

How did we do? Did we miss something, get something wrong or is there a franchise you’d like us to cover? Let us know. Comment below or email diminishingpod@gmail.com


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