Episode 9: Fifty Shades of Podcast

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In This Episode:

Chris and Allen reconvene to round up sequel and prequel news, review three new trailers, discuss listener correspondence and launch the shows first ever prize competition.

Allen can’t decide if liking ghost stories so much actually means that he secretly believes in ghosts. However he knows absolutely that Ouija Boards are bunkum so that’s something at least. Along the way he reveals some remakes, in production, he is actually excited by and clues Chris in on some amazing online movie tie-in games.

We also get to hear the rules that get Chris into a movie theatre and how they help him in his day to day life, due to his poor grasp on the concept of time. He continues to heap praise upon Shane Black and confesses to not being a fan of canines on celluloid.

The small screen now looks like an important outlet for sequels, prequels, spin offs and reboots. As everything from Beaches and Westworld to The Exorcist and Picnic at Hanging Rock are heading to TV in the near future. Adding to the long list of existing shows based on movie properties like Wolf Creek, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, Bates Motel(1987 and 2013) , Scream, Lethal Weapon, Fargo, Ash Versus The Evil Dead, Marvel’s Agents of SH.I.E.L.D. and, as previously discussed in our last bonus episode, Hannibal have all made their way direct to home viewers with generally positive results. Of course it’s nothing new, as with most things, it has been done before with the likes of The Odd Couple (1970, 1982 and 2013) which also had an animated version much like Police Academy and Robocop. With news revealed of Kevin Smith reuniting the main cast of Mallrats, including Stan Lee, for a planned  TV sequel to the film titled Mallbrats. Smith’s work has made its way to the small screen previously. With a sanitized Clerks retooled as a network sitcom pilot, without his input, in the nineties and his own, underrated, animated version both failing to replicate the movies success. But might Kevin Smith’s planned ten episode sequel to Mallrats return him to his foul mouth slacker salad days?

Trailer Talk:


Ouija: The Origin Of Evil:

As Paramount have pushed back the release of their Ring sequel Ouija 2 will no doubt dominate the Halloween box office. A pretty effective trailer for this sixties set prequel. Chris and Allen agree there are things to like here, even if it felt a little derivative.

These movies are made cheap and tend to make good at the box office. The original was produced for $5 million and took in over $100 million in ticket sales, even with a negative critical response. It’s still pretty hilarious that a board game that opens a door to the spirit world is still produced by Hasbro, makers of My Little Pony and Mister Potato Head. They could have used one themselves to ask for help from the other side when Battleship flopped hard.


Smurfs the Lost Village:

So Chris was put off these lovable little blue guys because his research revealed them to have a backstory that shares more with Trumps political views than he felt comfortable with. Allen didn’t dig around for any dirt so can enjoy Jack McBrayer’s turn as Clumsy with a clear conscience.


Fifty Shade Darker:

Where to begin? Having not seen the original, or read the source novels, our boys are only familiar with the Grey trilogy thanks to pop culture references.  The trailer asks us to “forget the past”. Does that mean ignore the first installment? It then moves into some pretty generic softcore action in, as Chris points out, a rich guy shagging shower but soon takes a hard turn into what looks like a story line that would be more a home in a spy movie. Dossiers, helicopters and heavies in shades and suits are all there.

Chris is dreading having to watch these films for the show and Allen thinks this looks so hilariously bonkers he might just see it. They will both avoid watching the parody Fifty Shades of Black however.

Allen’s Challenge:

So this month we have a new challenge for you brave listener. As Halloween approaches we would like you to Tweet us, use our Facebook page or email us your horror movie title mash-up, including the hash tag #moviemonstermashup. All you have to do is take a title from a horror movie and mash it with a non-horror movie to give us a frightening new film. Try joining as many titles together for the greatest comedic or horrific results. Full titles have to be used including all subtitles and only “the” can be removed to help the flow.

The examples given  in the show were:

Harrison Ford stars in this touching tale of a man trying to regain his memories after a terrible accident, only to discover he’s is a murderous maniac in Regarding Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Then mother and son, Pamela and Jason Voorhees swap bodies during an unlucky fortnight when she is meant to be stopping a wealthy playboy from building condos over Camp Crystal Lake in Freaky Friday the 13th: Part Two Weeks Notice.

We don’t need a synopsis just a title. Chris and Allen will pick a favourite to be revealed on our next bonus episode, due for release on Old Hallow’s Eve. For listeners in the UK there is a physical prize up for grabs, for everyone else we’ll rustle up something digital to send.

Coming Soon:


Of course Halloween is also the perfect time for us to tackle the our first horror franchise on the show. As Scream proved it is easy to forget, as iconic as he is, Jason Voorhees didn’t show up as the killer until the second Friday the 13th film. What’s even crazier is that he didn’t adopt his signature hockey mask look until the third movie. Chris had never seen any of the films in the series so Allen thought the first three would be perfect for the spookiest time of the year.

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All clips in the episode are used under Fair Use for the purposes of criticism and are not intended to diminish the original works or limit the ability of the copyright owners to market or sell their product.

How did we do? Did we miss something, get something wrong or is there a franchise you’d like us to cover? Let us know. Comment below or email diminishingpod@gmail.com


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