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In this episode Chris and Allen break from the usual format, of dissecting a single franchise, to talk about upcoming sequels, remakes and reboots, a recent intergalactic flop and mourn Anton Yelchin.

Along the way Allen gets uncomfortable with his sexuality, a little age-ist!, bemoans the predictability of Jack Reacher novels and pleads for Tom Cruise to stop being the awesomest!

Chris gives too much away about his love for Jason Statham and large scale explosions, why British politics are playing out like a terrible remake and discovers that a major Hollywood release needed a UK title change to avoid soap opera confusion .


The Guardian 24/06/16

Independence Day:

Twenty years in the making and missing out on the box office top spot to another long awaited sequel in Pixar’s Finding Dory. While the number two spot may seem like success, even without adjusting for inflation the opening weekend take was less than its predecessor.  With disappointing ticket sales and taking a critical pasting is Independence Day: Resurgence yet another mind numbing sequel we are not sure anyone was desperate to see.

Lacking the star draw of nineties Will Smith and a plot that seems more concerned with setting up the next film than the one the audience is actually watching. It is little wonder the Rotten Tomato score is hovering around the 30% mark.

Pointless Sequels?

With over a dozen major sequels released in 2016 to disappointing box office returns are audiences suffering from sequel fatigue?

The definition of a sequel has changed – Vulture.

Is the sequel bubble about to burst – Q13 Fox

Unwanted sequels and pointless sequel.

Or is the need to trigger those warm fuzzy nostalgic feelings in the viewer, with familiar images, characters or cues actually doing them a disservice?


Trailer Talk:

We watched the trailers for The Mechanic: Resurrection, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back and Bridget Jones’ Baby. With varying degrees of excitement for these franchise extenders and some hilarity at the irony of the Reacher subtitle, the real love was reserved for Statham and wondering if Allen could catch up without out having seen the first Mechanic movie. Our biggest take away was the hope that Bridget would stop looking for a man to “complete her” and raise her baby as a strong independent single woman.

Coming Soon:

When Diminishing Returns returns Chris and Allen cast their critical eye over Grease 2. A movie that wasn’t based on a hugely successful Broadway show, that entered production without a completed script and no returning key players or songwriters . What could possibly go wrong? Join them next time as they go back to school.

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